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  • Smarter Than You Think

    Smarter Than You Think
    Clive Thompson

    Smarter Than You Think embraces and extols this transformation, presenting an exciting vision of the present and the future. From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • Materials Development in Language Teaching

    Materials Development in Language Teaching
    Brian Tomlinson

    This book is accessible to readers with little previous experience in the field, and is essential reading for all those involved in developing materials for language teaching.

  • Proteomics in Practice

    Proteomics in Practice
    Reiner Westermeier, Tom Naven, Hans-Rudolf Höpker

    Still the only concise practical guide to laboratory experiments in proteomics, this new edition now also covers DIGE technology and liquid-chromatography, while the troubleshooting section has been considerably extended.

  • Developing Materials for Language Teaching

    Developing Materials for Language Teaching
    Brian Tomlinson

    This supplementary ebook contains the 12 chapters from the first edition of Brain Tomlinson's comprehensive Developing Materials for Language Teaching on various aspects of materials development for language teaching that did not, for …

  • Before & After

    Before & After
    John McWade

    Before and After magazine's focus on clarity, simplicity, and elegance has won it legions of fans–fans who will welcome this second volume of the definitive Before and After Page Design by John McWade.

  • Extra Lives

    Extra Lives
    Tom Bissell

    Whether you love video games, loathe video games, or are merely curious about why they are becoming the dominant popular art form of our time, Extra Lives is required reading. From the Hardcover edition.

  • Bait and Switch

    Bait and Switch
    Barbara Ehrenreich

    Now, in Bait and Switch, she enters another hidden realm of the economy: the shadowy world of the white-collar unemployed.

  • Crafty Screenwriting

    Crafty Screenwriting
    Alex Epstein

    Based on an award-winning website hailed as "smart enough for professional screenwriters and accessible enough for aspiring screenwriters", Crafty Screenwriting is the first book not only to offer a successful screenwriter's tricks of the …

  • My Freshman Year

    My Freshman Year
    Rebekah Nathan

    An anthropology professor in her mid-fifties conceals her identity, registers as a freshman, moves into a dorm, and uses her expertise in ethnographic fieldwork to research college life and today's college students.

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