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  • The Advocate

    The Advocate

    Prices for a balcony stateroom start at only ^Z^Zjj pp (double occupancy). … "I ended up sort of falling in love with the guys," admits the Fargo, N.D., native, who works as a freelance designer for entertainment ventures in Los Angeles. … Well, judging by the shots in Interiors, $B -_ "What's so interesting to me is this constant conflict in men between what's masculine ….. bisexual Relationship status: partnered, 8 years I am a bisexual female and I form non- monogamous relationships.

  • Value Beyond Cost Savings: How to Underwrite Sustainable Properties

    Value Beyond Cost Savings: How to Underwrite Sustainable Properties

  • The Geography of Opportunity

    The Geography of Opportunity
    Xavier de Souza Briggs

    Second, housing has all but disappeared as a major social policy issue over the past two decades. This timely book shows how unequal housing choices and sprawling development create an unequal geography of opportunity.

  • Wall Street and the Financial Crisis

    Wall Street and the Financial Crisis
    Senate Subcommittee on Investigations

    This is the most damning official report to date on Wall Street's role in the financial crisis. It describes the wheeling and dealing of bankers and others who benefited from the housing bubble while impoverishing the rest of America.

  • Introduction to Business Statistics

    Introduction to Business Statistics
    Ronald Weiers

    If you've ever felt intimidated or a little overwhelmed by business statistics, or if you simply want to master the power of these critical business skills, this book is for you.

  • Finance and Investment Handbook

    Finance and Investment Handbook
    John Downes, Jordan Elliot Goodman

    . . "Look for Barron's Finance & Investment Handbook . . . This is the most comprehensive reference guide I've seen on investing." –Dan Rutherford "On the Money" Tulsa World "A good reference for any investor. . .

  • A Dream Foreclosed

    A Dream Foreclosed
    Laura Gottesdiener

    Told through the eyes of four families, A Dream Foreclosed reveals the ongoing human tragedy of the crisis–and the spectacular possibilities that emerge when everyday people challenge the all-powerful corporations that the U.S. government …

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