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  • StarBriefs Plus

    StarBriefs Plus
    Andre Heck

    With about 200,000 entries, StarBriefs Plus represents the most comprehensive and accurately validated collection of abbreviations, acronyms, contractions and symbols within astronomy, related space sciences and other related fields.

  • Films that Work

    Films that Work
    Vinzenz Hediger, Patrick Vonderau

    Toch lijkt de industriële film geen spoor te hebben achtergelaten in het filmische culturele discours. Films that Work is het eerste boek waarin de industriële film en zijn opmerkelijke geschiedenis worden onderzocht.

  • Logistics Operations and Management

    Logistics Operations and Management
    Reza Zanjirani Farahani, Shabnam Rezapour, Laleh Kardar

    This book provides a comprehensive overview of how to strategically manage the movement and storage of products or materials from any point in the manufacturing process to customer fulfillment.

  • Electric Power Systems

    Electric Power Systems
    Alexandra von Meier

    Recognizing the economic and environmental implications of electric energy production and public concern over disruptions of service, this book exposes the challenges of producing and delivering electricity to help inform public policy …

  • Coffee

    Ronald Clarke, O. G. Vitzthum

    The book commences with three cutting-edge chapters covering non-volatile and volatile compounds that determine the flavour of coffee.

  • The Forgotten Frontier

    The Forgotten Frontier
    Andrew C. Hess

    Here, Andrew C. Hess considers the relations between these two dynasties in light of the social, economic, and political affairs at the frontiers between North Africa and the Iberian peninsula. “An erudite reinterpretation of sixteenth …

  • Urban Land Markets

    Urban Land Markets
    Somik V. Lall, Mila Freire, Belinda Yuen, Robin Rajack, Jean-Jacques Helluin

    This book provides fresh insights into these issues, compiling selected pieces of analytical and empirical research presented at the World Bank's Fourth Urban Research Symposium on Urban Land Use and Land Markets, held in Washington, DC, …

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