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  • Multinational Financial Management

    Multinational Financial Management
    Alan C. Shapiro

    The book builds its coverage of international finance on the framework of valuation established by domestic corporate finance.

  • International Financial Management, Abridged

    International Financial Management, Abridged
    Jeff Madura

    With its signature reader-friendly style and clear explanations, the text introduces international finance with a focus on the important role of modern multinational corporations in global commerce.

  • Our Family Tree

    Our Family Tree
    Lisa Westberg Peters

    Relates the evolution of the family of mankind, from single cells in the sea to human beings with "big brains that wonder who we are."

  • Buckets of Money

    Buckets of Money
    Raymond J. Lucia

    With this book as your guide, you’ll learn how to achieve both income and growth, while reducing risk. In an easy-to-understand and accessible style, Lucia outlines his proven "Buckets of Money" technique.

  • Financial Management: Theory & Practice

    Financial Management: Theory & Practice
    Eugene F. Brigham, Michael C. Ehrhardt

    The only text to strike a balance between solid financial theory and practical applications, Brigham/Ehrhardt’s FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: THEORY AND PRACTICE, 15e gives you a thorough understanding of the essential concepts you need to …

  • Financing International Trade

    Financing International Trade
    James Calvin Baker

    Presents an in-depth examination of the U.S. international trade finance system.

  • Multinational Finance

    Multinational Finance
    Adrian Buckley

    The book also caters for professionals in the financial field.

  • Greening China

    Greening China
    Ka Zeng, Joshua Eastin

    Shapiro, Alan C. Foundations of Multinational Financial Management. … Greenpeace brie‹ng. reports/sinar_mas_indonesian_palm_oil _menance.pdf (accessed January 23, 2009).

  • International Finance

    International Finance
    G. Shailaja

    Eun SC, Resnick BG (2001), International Financial Management, Tata McGraw- Hill, International Edition . … Shapiro A (1999), Multinational Financial Management, Fourth Edition, PHI Private Ltd, New Delhi. Scholte JA (2002), ' Governing Global Finance', CSGR Working Paper No 88/02, January, viewed on March 5, 2007, < wp8802.pdf> http://www

  • Fundamentals of Financial Management

    Fundamentals of Financial Management
    James C. Van Horne, John Martin Wachowicz

    Journal of Finance 45 (March 1990), 157-174. … "Forfaiting: What Finance and Accounting Managers Should Know. … 85 (November/December 2003), 9-27 ( available online at publications/review/03/ll/pakko.pdf). … Shapiro, Alan C. Foundations of Multinational Financial Management, 6th ed.

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