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  • How to Master Psychometric Tests

    How to Master Psychometric Tests
    Mark Parkinson

    There is also an increasing trend for universities to use them as part of their admissions procedure. This best-selling guide provides the perfect introduction to tests and test taking.

  • How to Pass Numerical Reasoning Tests

    How to Pass Numerical Reasoning Tests
    Heidi Smith

    They represent a considerable challenge to many and the prospect of facing one can be daunting. This book includes an overview of the basics and a step-by-step guide to the necessary skills for taking such a test.

  • Effective Succession Planning

    Effective Succession Planning
    William J. Rothwell

    Packed with forms, tools, examples, and guidance, this is an essential resource for any organization concerned with retaining the accumulated wisdom built up over time by its most valued employees.

  • CQ

    P. Christopher Earley, Soon Ang, Joo-Seng Tan

    This book helps a manager understand and assess personal cultural intelligence and how to leverage this capability in diverse work environments. This book is an immensely useful guide to the use of cultural intelligence at work.

  • Mastering Coaching

    Mastering Coaching
    Max Landsberg

    Practical and jargon-free, the book will equip readers with the techniques and tools necessary to take their coaching to the next level.

  • The Essentials of Marketing Research

    The Essentials of Marketing Research
    Lawrence Silver, Robert E. Stevens, Bruce Wrenn, David L. Loudon

    This comprehensive textbook covers the full range of topics, including: Secondary research and data mining Internet marketing research Qualitative and exploratory research Statistical analysis Marketing research ethics With learning …

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