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  • International Sport Management

    International Sport Management

    … C. (2009). Collegiate sport. In L.P. Masteralexis, C. Barr, & M. Hums (Eds.), Principles and practice ofsport management (pp … Pressure groups and Canadian sport policy: A neo-pluralist examination of policy development. … Gillion, L. (2008). Recreational … The coach: James Naismith. Maclean's …

  • Switchblades of Italy

    Switchblades of Italy
    Tim Zinser, Dan Fuller, Neal Punchard

    This book starts the reader on a journey through time, with a short history of folding knives, leading to the evolution of the first switchblade.

  • Learning Legal Rules

    Learning Legal Rules
    James Holland, Julian Webb

    Bringing together the theory, structure, and practice of legal reasoning in an accessible style, this book explains how to uncover and exploit the mysteries of legal materials.

  • Despotic Dominion

    Despotic Dominion
    John McLaren, A. R. Buck, Nancy E. Wright

    Despotic Dominion brings together the work of scholars whose study of the evolution of property law in the colonies recognizes the value in locating property law and rights within the broader political, economic, and intellectual contexts …

  • Successful Coaching 4th Edition

    Successful Coaching 4th Edition

  • Paul, Women, and Wives

    Paul, Women, and Wives
    Craig S. Keener

    Now, in a challenging new attempt to wrestle with these thorny texts, Craig Keener delves as deeply into the world of Paul and the apostles as anyone thus far.

  • From Revolution to Ethics

    From Revolution to Ethics
    Julian Bourg

    Challenging the prevalent view that the 1960s did not have any lasting effect, From Revolution to Ethics demonstrates that intellectuals and activists turned to ethics as the touchstone for understanding interpersonal, institutional, and …

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