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  • High-Performance Training for Sports

    High-Performance Training for Sports
    Joyce, David, Lewindon, Dan

    High-Performance Training for Sports presents today’s best athlete conditioning protocols and programs in the world.

  • The Lean Muscle Diet

    The Lean Muscle Diet
    Lou Schuler and Alan Aragon, MS

    If a reader is, say, a 220-pound man who wants to become a muscular 180-pounder, he then uses The Lean Muscle Diet's formula to eat and train to sustain a 180-pound body. The transformation begins immediately, and the results last for life.

  • The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook

    The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook
    Lyle McDonald

  • A Guide To Flexible Dieting

    A Guide To Flexible Dieting
    Lyle McDonald

  • Mindless Eating

    Mindless Eating
    Brian Wansink, Ph.D.

    This book will literally change the way you think about your next meal. Food psychologist Brian Wansink revolutionizes our awareness of how much, what, and why we’re eating—often without realizing it.

  • Healthy Intelligent Training

    Healthy Intelligent Training
    Keith Livingstone

    The biggest dream of every ambitious athlete is to win an Olympic Medal. Healthy Intelligent Training is the ultimate training guide for athletes and their coaches on their way to Olympic Gold.

  • The Ketogenic Diet

    The Ketogenic Diet
    Lyle McDonald

  • M.A.X. Muscle Plan , The

    M.A.X. Muscle Plan , The

    The M.A.X. Muscle Plan presents the scientifically proven Mitogen Activated Xtreme Training, a ready-to-use three-phase program for the entire body, helping you increase lean body mass, build muscle, and achieve your best body ever.

  • Evaluation of Carcass and Meat Quality in Cattle and Sheep

    Evaluation of Carcass and Meat Quality in Cattle and Sheep
    Carla Lazzaroni, S. Gigli, D. Gabiña

    Other important factors that have to be taken into account in order to maintain a demand for ruminant meat are safety and traceability.This book reviews the historical and recent developments for carcass evaluation and grading for meat …

  • Running Science

    Running Science
    Owen Anderson

    A comprehensive guide to all things running explains running physiology, biomechanics, medicine, genetics, biology, psychology, training, and racing.

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