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  • Business Writing Today

    Business Writing Today
    Natalie Canavor

    Business Writing Today, Second Edition, gives you tools, techniques and inside tips drawn from the worlds of journalism, corporate communications and public relations.

  • Technical Report Writing Today

    Technical Report Writing Today
    Daniel Riordan

    Numerous short and long examples throughout the text demonstrate solutions for handling writing assignments in current career situations.

  • Reading and Writing Today

    Reading and Writing Today
    Patricia Silva

    Examines how reading and writing are done in the modern era.

  • Arabic Writing Today

    Arabic Writing Today
    Maḥmūd ʻAlī Manzalaoui

    He has studied at the Universities of Exeter and Leeds, and combines his academic work with imaginative writing in the fields of the short story and the play . He has also translated English works into Arabic, seeing it as one of his main tasks in …

  • Rebirth of a Culture

    Rebirth of a Culture
    Hillary Hope Herzog, Todd Herzog, Benjamin Lapp

    This volume focuses on the re-emergence of a lively Jewish cultural scene in the German-speaking countries and the various cultural forms of expression that have developed around it.

  • Business English

    Business English
    Andrea B. Geffner

    This updated edition provides clear, concise instruction on every form of business writing, from traditional business letters, reports, and memos to e-mail and other electronic communications.

  • The Storymakers

    The Storymakers
    Canadian Children’s Book Centre

    Profiles of over eighty Canadian children's book authors include information on education, family, childhood, influences, creative ideas, and advice for future authors.

  • The Thinking Crisis

    The Thinking Crisis
    T. Ellen Hill, Shatzky, Joel

    We believe that this book is unique in its approach to problems that we see in student writing today in that it neither advocates nor rejects the present pedagogy in the schools; but it argues that this pedagogy be properly implemented.

  • Writing Political History Today

    Writing Political History Today
    Ingrid Gilcher-Holtey, Heinz-Gerhard Haupt, Willibald Steinmetz

    In this volume the contributors approach the new political history in a constructivist way, conceiving the political as a communicative space whose boundaries are constantly reconfigured through acts of verbal, visual, and sometimes violent …

  • Writing and the Image Today

    Writing and the Image Today
    Jan Baetens, Ari J. Blatt

    Table of Contents Patrick Bray: Aesthetics in the Shadow of No Towers: Reading Virilio in the Twenty-First Century Jean-Jacques Thomas: Photographic Memories of French Poetry: Denis Roche, Jean-Marie Gleize Sjef Houppermans: Tanguy Viel: …

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