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World Mythology The Illustrated Guide New Book

  • The Complete Idiot s Guide to World Mythology

    The Complete Idiot’s Guide to World Mythology
    Evans Lansing Smith, Ph.D., Nathan Robert Brown

    Make no myth-take-this book is indispensable. The Complete Idiot's Guide to World Mythology explores the gods and goddesses, heroes and heroines, monsters and angels of the myths from every corner of the globe.

  • The World of Myth

    The World of Myth
    David Adams Leeming

    Examines the universal themes of myths from cultures ranging from ancient Egypt and Greece to Christianity and modern science, analyzing how different cultures and societies have addressed fundamental human concerns and experiences.

  • Handbook of Hindu Mythology

    Handbook of Hindu Mythology
    George Mason Williams

    A guide to Hinduism through the ages, offering readers an accessible way of exploring its complex deities, mythological characters, and ideas. * A chronology of the mythological universe and the history of Hinduism, explaining the working …

  • Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes

    Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes
    Cory O’Brien

    In Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes, Cory O’Brien, creator of Myths RETOLD!, sets the stories straight. These are rude, crude, totally sacred texts told the way they were meant to be told: loudly, and with lots of four-letter words. Skeptical?

  • The Oxford Companion to World Mythology

    The Oxford Companion to World Mythology
    David Leeming

    Consists of nearly two thousand entries covering all aspects of mythology, including Greek, Roman, Native American, Indian, Japanese, Sumerian, and Egyptian.

  • Parallel Myths

    Parallel Myths
    J.F. Bierlein

    An entertaining and thought-provoking look at the common threads woven through the world's greatest myths — and the central role they have played through time. From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • Thematic Guide to World Mythology

    Thematic Guide to World Mythology
    Lorena Laura Stookey

    Examines reoccurring themes and patterns in the mythologies of many ancient and modern cultures.

  • The Illustrated Guide to World Religions

    The Illustrated Guide to World Religions
    Michael D. Coogan

    The Oxford Dictionary of World Religions. New York: Oxford University … Ludwig, Theodore M. The Sacred Paths: Understanding the Religions of the World. 2nd ed. Upper Saddle … World Mythology: The Illustrated Guide. New York: Simon …

  • Being and Perceiving

    Being and Perceiving
    Daniel E. Haycock

    Willis, Roy; Walter, Robert (2006), "World mythology: the illustrated guide". Wolfson, Evelyn (2001), "Inuit Mythology". Yakan, Muhammad Zuhdī (1999), " Almanac of African peoples & nations". Yang, Lihui; An, Deming (2005), " Handbook of …

  • Encyclopedia of Greco-Roman Mythology

    Encyclopedia of Greco-Roman Mythology
    Mike Dixon-Kennedy

    Introduction to Mythology. London, 1994. Stadter, P. A. Arrian … Faith, Hope, and Worship: Aspects of Religious Mentality in the Ancient World. Leiden, 1981. Vickers, Brian. Towards … World Mythology: The Illustrated Guide. London, 1993.

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