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World Civilizations Sources 2C Images and Interpretations 2C Volume New Book

  • New Outlook, Volume 8

    New Outlook, Volume 8
    Alfred Emanuel Smith, Francis Walton

    From a few facts that come within its ken, the church constructs a system of theology, and from its few,facts the world … of the to a mythical personification of evil, of untv of the Fall to a poetic representation, rlnciple of interpretation fatal alike to … of the iic'ast are not more suggestive of poetry than the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that springs in the garden. … rapid extension of railway-building; theharvests and the cotton crop—two fundamental sources of the annual increase in …

  • An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations

    An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations
    Adam Smith

    Scottish economist and philosopher Adam Smith helped set standards in the fields of political economics and moral philosophy, playing a key role in the early development of the scholarship of economics.

  • Risk, Uncertainty and Profit

    Risk, Uncertainty and Profit
    Frank H. Knight

    A timeless classic of economic theory that remains fascinating and pertinent today, this is Frank Knight's famous explanation of why perfect competition cannot eliminate profits, the important differences between "risk" and "uncertainty," …

  • The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars

    The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars
    Michael E. Mann

    Michael E. Mann, lead author of the original paper in which the Hockey Stick first appeared, shares the real story of the science and politics behind this controversy.

  • El Deafo

    El Deafo
    Cece Bell

    " –Publishers Weekly, starred review "Worthy of a superhero." –Kirkus Reviews, starred review "This empowering autobiographical story belongs right next to Raina Telgemeier’s Smile (2011) and Liz Prince’s Tomboy." –Booklist

  • Modern South Asia

    Modern South Asia
    Sugata Bose, Ayesha Jalal

    A new edition of this leading textbook that offers a rare depth of historical understanding of the politics, cultures and economies that shape the lives of more than a fifth of humanity.

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