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  • Walk Tall

    Walk Tall
    Angie Belcher

    Provides information about stilt walking, and how people use them around the world. Suggested level: primary.

  • Walk Tall

    Walk Tall
    John (Jack) Peel

  • Walk Tall

    Walk Tall
    Carleen Brice

    Xxiv Walk Tall ultimately frees us from empty, self—defeating lifestyles. For when we take responsibility for our problems, we obtain the power to solve them. Scores of self—help books have been written to help people overcome the scars of …

  • A Long Walk to Water

    A Long Walk to Water
    Linda Sue Park

    The New York Times bestseller A Long Walk to Water begins as two stories, told in alternating sections, about two eleven-year-olds in Sudan, a girl in 2008 and a boy in 1985.

  • Journey to the Ph.D.

    Journey to the Ph.D.
    Anna Lucille Green, LeKita Vaney Scott

    Benjamin Banneker "Walk tall in the world," says Mama to Everett Anderson ( Clifton, 1974). Several years ago as a graduate student pursuing a master's degree in elementary education at the University of Florida, I was encouraged by my …

  • First Love

    First Love
    Romain Gary

    You are the tall, handsome, dashing cavalier, Count Vronsky. He made her suffer terribly. You see me across the room. Now. (He starts across to her.) Walk tall! ( Jie does his hest. Jie arrives hefore her, clicks bis heels, and hows formally.) …

  • The Very Tall Teacher 2

    The Very Tall Teacher 2
    Douglas Evans

    “Next year, I hope you continue to think big and walk tall,” Miss Biggy said. Half sad, half joyful, I climbed onto a school bus. I sat in the back seat. As I rode out of the parking lot, I looked out the back window. There was Miss Biggy waving to me  …

  • Yet I Stand Tall

    Yet I Stand Tall
    Geneuvieve Twala

    He is saying get up, walk tall and do everything in your power to do whatI put you there to do! Spread the word, speak about it,and reclaim your life! Give voice and understanding to those who lack it! You may wonder young as you are why it …

  • Walking for Fitness

    Walking for Fitness
    Marnie Caron, SportMedBC

    Top Ten Walking Tunes 1. “The Walk”—The Cure 2. “Walk of Life”—Dire Straits 3. “Walk the Line”—Johnny Cash 4. “Walkin' in the Sunshine”—Roger Miller or Frank Sinatra 5. “Walk Tall”—John Mellencamp 6. “Walking Man”—James Taylor 7.

  • The feeling Great! Wellness Program for Older Adults

    The “feeling Great!” Wellness Program for Older Adults
    Jules C. Weiss

    “Do any parts of the body feel tight and can you loosen them during the walk?” “ Can you feel your spine … The longer the stride the lower the individual will be to the ground, but from the waist up he/she should walk tall. For good posture, the …

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