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Understanding Statistics Basic Theory and Practice | Page 3 New Book

  • A Primer on Linear Models

    A Primer on Linear Models
    John F. Monahan

    The linear model forms the foundation of the practice of statistics. Understanding the theory upon which this foundation rests is a critical step in graduate training in statistics.Thisbookarose from … The primary goal in writing this bookis to provide a brief, yet complete foundation for the understanding of basic linear models.

  • Doing Business Research

    Doing Business Research
    Nick Lee, Ian Lings

    A Guide to Theory and Practice Nick Lee, Ian Lings … So I would never claim that this was all you ever needed to know about basic statistics. However, I can tell … The normal distribution is absolutely key to understanding statistical inference.

  • Time Series Analysis

    Time Series Analysis
    Jonathan D. Cryer, Kung-Sik Chan

    This book has been developed for a one-semester course usually attended by students in statistics, economics, business, engineering, and quantitative social sciences.

  • Corpus Linguistics

    Corpus Linguistics
    Tony McEnery, Andrew Hardie

    Practical tasks and questions for discussion at the end of each chapter encourage students to test their understanding of what they have read and an extensive glossary provides easy access to definitions of technical terms used in the text.

  • Statistics for Long-Memory Processes

    Statistics for Long-Memory Processes
    Jan Beran

    This book explores data sets from a wide range of disciplines, such as hydrology, climatology, telecommunications engineering, and high-precision physical measurement.

  • An Introduction to Secondary Data Analysis with IBM SPSS Statistics

    An Introduction to Secondary Data Analysis with IBM SPSS Statistics
    John MacInnes

    2 Understanding The Basics of Statistics 2.1 What is statistics? … statistical imagination 15 2.5 Five key dimensions of statistics 16 2.6 The logic of quantitative evidence 30 2.7 Theory and practice 31 2.8 A little knowledge is a dangerous thing …

  • Business Statistics, 4th Edition

    Business Statistics, 4th Edition
    J.K. Sharma

    Through detailed discussions on procedures that facilitate interpretation of data, this book enables readers to make more considered and informed business decisions.

  • Measurement Theory and Practice in Kinesiology

    Measurement Theory and Practice in Kinesiology
    Terry M. Wood, Weimo Zhu

    British Journal of Mathematics and Statistical Psychology, 37, 62-83. Browne, M.W. … Structural equation modeling with AMOS: Basic concepts, applications, and programming. Hillsdale, NJ: … Understanding Statistics, 2, 177-203. Chou, C .-P.

  • Security Supervision and Management

    Security Supervision and Management

    Theory and Practice of Asset Protection IFPO Sandi J Davies. Applying this … Of course, to be able to employ quantitative analysis tools successfully, the user must have an understanding and competency of general math and basic statistics.

  • Inference Control in Statistical Databases

    Inference Control in Statistical Databases
    Josep Domingo-Ferrer

    From Theory to Practice Josep Domingo-Ferrer. Dale A. … Some implications of the basic protection mechanism will be explained. … Problems in using the available software are often related to a lack of understanding of the foundations of the …

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