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The Secret History of Extraterrestrials Advanced Technology and the Coming New Race New Book

  • The Secret History of Extraterrestrials

    The Secret History of Extraterrestrials
    Len Kasten

    Based on interviews with people who are witnessing the coming changes as well as those visionaries who are actually bringing them about–including John Mack, Major Jesse Marcel, Paul LaViolette, Robert Bauval, Michael Salla, and Helen …

  • Secret Journey to Planet Serpo

    Secret Journey to Planet Serpo
    Len Kasten

    UFOs / CONSPIRACY “I cannot overemphasize the importance of this book.

  • The Money Mafia

    The Money Mafia
    Paul T. Hellyer

    The third major issue, one that is not well known by the majority, is the extraterrestrial presence and technology. … useful information is The Secret History of Extraterrestrials: Advanced Technology and the Coming New Race by Len Kasten.

  • The Secret Influence of the Moon

    The Secret Influence of the Moon
    Louis Proud

    Louis Proud explores the phases and movements of the Moon along with its ancient and mysterious features–its craters, maria, rilles, tunnels, and domes.

  • Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls

    Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls
    Nigel Kerner

    In this new book Kerner reveals that the Greys are seeking to master death by obtaining something humans possess that they do not: souls.

  • We ve Never Been Alone

    We’ve Never Been Alone
    Paul Von Ward

    In fact, they may have provided the impetus for modern civilization. Paul Von Ward investigates why modern science and religion refuse to address the possibility that humans interact with Advanced Beings (ABs).

  • Aliens and Man

    Aliens and Man
    Jerome A. Kroth, Jerry Kroth

    Here, Dr. Kroth gives the run-down on a wide range of evidence, and ponders how reliable any of it may be. Readers are left with all the elements to form their own equation.

  • The Genesis Race

    The Genesis Race
    Will Hart

    Now, using the most current research on DNA; available archaeological, geodesic, and astronomical evidence; and a revolutionary analysis of the Book of Genesis, Will Hart makes the case that these gods were actually visitors from another …

  • The Nine Unknown

    The Nine Unknown
    Talbot Mundy

    The nine unknown men are entrusted with guarding nine books of secret knowledge. In their fight to keep the books secret they face nine Kali worshipers, who sow confusion and masquerade as the true sages.

  • Black Sun

    Black Sun
    Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke

    his new book Unternehmen Aldebaran [Operation Aldebaran] (1997), Helsing describes how a Bavarian family recalled their contacts … Karin and Rainer Feistle describe a UFO commander showing them enormous “embryo farms” for the breeding of a “new race” that will secure mankind's future." Helsing uses these hints to elaborate on human history. … They therefore helped the Germans develop advanced technology during the 1930s, while the Feistles' testimony indicates the …

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