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Read Meerschaum Carver list Jan 2011 New Book

  • Kids at Work

    Kids at Work
    Russell Freedman, Lewis Wickes Hine

    Briefly traces the life of Lewis Hine, school teacher and photographer, and explains how he became involved in documenting child labor conditions

  • A counterblaste to tobacco

    A counterblaste to tobacco
    James I (King of England)

  • Foxes in the Henhouse

    Foxes in the Henhouse
    Steve Jarding, Dave “Mudcat” Saunders

    Among other things, Jarding and Saunders urge Democrats to • Quit turning their noses up at the culture of rural America and talk to people where they live • Learn how to count when going after votes • Show some passion and retaliate …

  • Wired Love

    Wired Love
    Ella Cheever Thayer

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