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  • Social Engineering

    Social Engineering
    Christopher Hadnagy

    The skilled, malicious social engineer is a weapon, nearly impossible to defend against. This book covers, in detail, the world's first framework for social engineering.

  • Setting Global Standards

    Setting Global Standards
    S. Prakash Sethi

    Are they protecting the environment as they would have to in their home countries? These are the important issues that Dr. Sethi addresses in this provocative and stimulating book.

  • From Accidents to Zero

    From Accidents to Zero
    Andrew Sharman

    Based on the concept of creating safety, as opposed to just preventing accidents, each of the 26 chapters in this user-friendly book includes explanation, commentary, reflections and practical activities designed to systematically and …

  • Principles of Animal Behavior

    Principles of Animal Behavior
    Lee Alan Dugatkin

    The Third Edition is now also the most comprehensive and balanced in its approach to the theoretical framework behind how biologists study behavior.

  • Fallen Hearts

    Fallen Hearts
    V.C. Andrews

    Proud and beautiful, Heaven came back to the hills — to rise at last above her family's shame!

  • Lung Cancer

    Lung Cancer
    Alison Leary

    As the presentation, care and context of lung cancer embodies so much variation, lung cancer care is by necessity a multidisciplinary activity. This book is written as an expression of this multidisciplinary ethos.

  • Chemical Engineering, Volume 2

    Chemical Engineering, Volume 2
    J H Harker, J R Backhurst, J.F. Richardson

    In conclusion, several techniques of growing importance – adsorption, ion exchange, chromatographic and membrane separations, and process intensification – are described. * A logical progression of chemical engineering concepts, volume 2 …

  • Never Work Harder Than Your Students & Other Principles of Great Teaching

    Never Work Harder Than Your Students & Other Principles of Great Teaching
    Robyn Renee Jackson

    Presents advice on how teachers can improve their overall effectiveness through developing supportive relationships with their students.

  • Basic Arabic Workbook

    Basic Arabic Workbook
    John Mace

    This workbook is intended to give the user a practical understanding of the Arabic language.

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