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My Most Excellent Year A Novel of Love 2C Mary Poppins 2C and Fenway Park By Steve Kluger New Book

  • My Most Excellent Year

    My Most Excellent Year
    Steve Kluger

    Told in alternating perspectives, this is the hilarious and touching story of their most excellent year, where these three friends discover love, themselves, and how a little magic and Mary Poppins can go a long way.

  • Principles of Animal Behavior

    Principles of Animal Behavior
    Lee Alan Dugatkin

    The Third Edition is now also the most comprehensive and balanced in its approach to the theoretical framework behind how biologists study behavior.

  • Red Kayak

    Red Kayak
    Priscilla Cummings

    Soon, Brady discovers the terrible truth behind the kayak’s sinking, and it will change the lives of those he loves forever. Priscilla Cummings deftly weaves a suspenseful tale of three teenagers caught in a wicked web of deception.

  • Hurt Go Happy

    Hurt Go Happy
    Ginny Rorby

    Thirteen-year-old Joey Willis is used to being left out of conversations.

  • Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy

    Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy
    Gary D. Schmidt

    This sensitively written historical novel, based on the true story of a community's destruction, highlights a unique friendship during a time of change. Author's note.

  • Bomb

    Steve Sheinkin

    This is the story of the plotting, the risk-taking, the deceit, and genius that created the world's most formidable weapon. This is the story of the atomic bomb. Bomb is a 2012 National Book Awards finalist for Young People's Literature.

  • Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie

    Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie
    David Lubar

    Starting high school is never easy.

  • Doll Bones

    Doll Bones
    Holly Black

    Discover the Newbery Honor winner Doll Bones, from Holly Black, the cocreator of the Spiderwick Chronicles.

  • Soldier s Heart

    Soldier’s Heart
    Gary Paulsen

    In this captivating tale Paulsen vividly shows readers the turmoil of war through one boy's eyes and one boy's heart, and gives a voice to all the anonymous young men who fought in the Civil War. From the Hardcover edition.

  • We Were Here

    We Were Here
    Matt de la Peña

    Newbery Award-winning author Matt de la Peña's We Were Here is a "fast, funny, smart, and heartbreaking" novel [Booklist].

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