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Missouri jurisprudence exam physician answers New Book

  • Clinical Forensic Medicine

    Clinical Forensic Medicine
    Margaret M. Stark

    The publication of this third edition of the definitive text on clinical forensic medicine comes at an exciting time for a subject now gaining recognition as a speciality in the medical establishment.

  • Homicidal Insanity, 1800-1985

    Homicidal Insanity, 1800-1985
    Janet Colaizzi

    Homicidal insanity has remained a vexation to both the psychiatric and legal professions despite the panorama of scientific and social change during the past 200 years.

  • Nursing Leadership & Management

    Nursing Leadership & Management
    Patricia Kelly

    In this newly revised edition, students are provided with the most current information on relevant topics such as quality improvement, patient safety, legal aspects of nursing, delegation, and licensure that are important for preparing for …

  • Strangers at the Bedside

    Strangers at the Bedside
    David J. Rothman

    In this paperback edition the author has added an afterword on patient autonomy that encompasses some more recent changes in the practice of medicine and the evolving field loosely, but inexactly, characterized as bioethics.

  • Reflections on Judging

    Reflections on Judging
    Richard A. Posner

    For Richard Posner, legal formalism and formalist judges–notably Antonin Scalia–present the main obstacles to coping with the dizzying pace of technological advance.

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