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Metabolic Regulation A Human Perspective | Page 2 New Book

  • Nutrient Metabolism

    Nutrient Metabolism
    Martin Kohlmeier

    Nutrient Metabolism defines the molecular fate of nutrients and other dietary compounds in humans, as well as outlining the molecular basis of processes supporting nutrition, such as chemical sensing and appetite control.

  • Nutritional Genomics

    Nutritional Genomics
    Wayne R. Bidlack, Raymond L. Rodriguez

    Written as a resource for researchers, nutrition educators, and policy makers, this book contains the latest scientific findings on the mechanisms of action underlying diet-genome interactions.

  • Dangerous Grains

    Dangerous Grains
    James Braly, Ron Hoggan

    Seeks to identify the health risks posed by such common gluten grains as wheat, rye, and barley, contending that many chronic illnesses can be linked to a grain-centered diet as recommended by the food pyramid. Original.

  • Integrative Biology of Women’s Health

    Integrative Biology of Women’s Health
    Espen E. Spangenburg

    This book will seek to capture and disseminate our current understanding of scientific advancements relevant to women’s health and provide the information to a broad audience.

  • Food Science and Technology Bulletin: Functional Foods, Volume 5

    Food Science and Technology Bulletin: Functional Foods, Volume 5
    Glenn R. Gibson

    Best Practice and Research in Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 19: 359- 374. Fernandez, J. R. … Regulation of the plasma non-esterified fatty acid concentration in the postprandial state. … A human perspective, 2nd edition: 93- 97.

  • Nutrition, Health and Disease

    Nutrition, Health and Disease
    Simon Langley-Evans

    The second edition of this successful text includes: Expanded introductory material to ensure a firm grasp of key concepts New content on vegetarian, vegan, kosher and other alternative diets Dieting in adults Gender and nutrition Macro- …

  • Metabolic Regulation in Mammals

    Metabolic Regulation in Mammals
    David Gibson, Robert A. Harris

    rate of oxidative metabolism by mitochondria is implicated as a major determinant. However, other aspects of aging, … Frayn, K.N. (1996) Metabolic Regulation, a Human Perspective, Portland Press Ltd, London. Harris, R.A. and Crabb, D.W. …

  • The Ketogenic Diet

    The Ketogenic Diet
    Kristen Mancinelli

    From: Frayn, Keith N. Metabolic Regulation: A Human Perspective. 2nd Edition. Hoboken, NJ: Blackwell Publishing, 2003. *Body protein cannot all be used for energy because protein is required for necessary life functions, so the body would …

  • Appetite and Food Intake

    Appetite and Food Intake
    Ruth Harris, Ruth B.S. Harris, Richard D. Mattes

    The book concludes with a consideration of how the micro- and macro-nutrient composition of foods influences ingestive behavior and the physiologic consequences of consumption.

  • Effects of Vitamin A Deficiency on Retinoid and Energy Metabolism in Liver and White Adipose Tissue

    Effects of Vitamin A Deficiency on Retinoid and Energy Metabolism in Liver and White Adipose Tissue

    Trayhum, P., Bing, C. & Wood, I. S. (2006) Adipose tissue and adipokines– energy regulation from the human perspective. … Agarwal, A. K. & Garg, A. (2006 ) Genetic basis of lipodystrophies and management of metabolic complications.

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