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Metabolic Regulation A Human Perspective New Book

  • Metabolic Regulation

    Metabolic Regulation
    Keith N. Frayn

    Keith Frayn is Professor of Human Metabolism at the University of Oxford, UK.Reviews of the First Edition ‘This is an excellent textbook’: Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism ‘The coverage is excellent for students following …

  • Metabolic Regulation

    Metabolic Regulation
    Keith N. Frayn

    A Human Perspective Keith N. Frayn. 1 The Underlying Principles of Human Metabolism Key learning points We eat food.We expendenergy doing exercise, sleeping, just being.What happenstothe food between it entering out mouthsandits …

  • Human Nutrition

    Human Nutrition
    Catherine Geissler, Hilary Powers

    This title is now available under ISBN 9780702044632. This 12th edition of Human Nutrition has been fully updated by a renowned team of international experts to ensure to ensure authoritative content and a global perspective.

  • Amino Acid Metabolism

    Amino Acid Metabolism
    David A. Bender

    Completely revised edition of this comprehensive text covering all the latest findings in amino acid metabolism research Written by an authority in the field Covers new advances in structural biology Clear illustrations of all structures …

  • Nutritional Biochemistry

    Nutritional Biochemistry
    Tom Brody

    Preface. Classification of Biological Structures.

  • Metabolic Regulation in Mammals

    Metabolic Regulation in Mammals
    David Gibson, Robert A. Harris

    This text is ideal for undergraduates across a range of biological and health science disciplines, particularly those taking one or two semester courses in metabolic regulation.

  • The End of Overeating

    The End of Overeating
    David A. Kessler

    In The End of Overeating, Dr. Kessler shows us how our brain chemistry has been hijacked by the foods we most love to eat: those that contain stimulating combinations of fat, sugar, and salt.

  • Molecular Basis Of Human Nutrition

    Molecular Basis Of Human Nutrition
    Tom Sanders, Peter Emery

    It explains the biochemical functions of the essential nutrients and the physiological consequences of deficient and excessive intakes. These are described within the context of normal human diets and requirements for health.

  • Dangerous Grains

    Dangerous Grains
    James Braly, Ron Hoggan

    Seeks to identify the health risks posed by such common gluten grains as wheat, rye, and barley, contending that many chronic illnesses can be linked to a grain-centered diet as recommended by the food pyramid. Original.

  • Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism

    Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism
    Sareen Gropper, Jack Smith

    This text continues to set the standard through the authors' ability to clearly and accurately explain even the most complex metabolic processes and concepts.

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