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  • A Little White Shadow

    A Little White Shadow
    Mary Ruefle

    An exquisite art book of gentle and elegant found poetry.

  • We Who Are About To...

    We Who Are About To…
    Joanna Russ, Samuel R. Delany

    One woman’s quest to die with dignity may doom them all.

  • Golem

    David Wisniewski

    Retold from traditional sources and accompanied by David Wisniewski's unique cut-paper illustrations, Golem is a dramatic tale of supernatural forces invoked to save an oppressed people.

  • Dark Heart Surrender

    Dark Heart Surrender
    Lee Monroe

    They've overcome different worlds. But nothing could prepare Jane for this … 'The Dark Heart series is an intense, intriguing and loveable series … highly recommended to paranormal romance fans.' Book Passion for Life blog

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