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  • Killer Heels

    Killer Heels
    Rebecca Chance

    From the boardroom to the bedroom, the catwalk to the kerbside… Starry-eyed ingénue Coco Raeburnis passionately ambitious.

  • Killer in High Heels

    Killer in High Heels
    Gemma Halliday

    Gemma Halliday gives the reader nothing but pure indulgence and fabulous fun!" ~ Once Upon a Romance "This is a first-rate, humorous mystery and one you can't help but grin and giggle all the way through." ~ Romance Reader at Heart "KILLER …

  • Cupcakes and Killer Heels

    Cupcakes and Killer Heels
    Heidi Rice

    Ruby Delisantro never blushes… …but after one glance from the infuriating Callum Westmore's bedroom eyes she's flushed redder than a glacé cherry.

  • Spying in High Heels

    Spying in High Heels
    Gemma Halliday

    L.A. shoe designer, Maddie Springer, lives her life by three rules: Fashion. Fashion. Fashion. But when she stumbles upon the work of a brutal killer, her life takes an unexpected turn from Manolos to murder.

  • Mayhem in High Heels

    Mayhem in High Heels
    Gemma Halliday

    High Heels Mysteries book#5 Gemma Halliday. "Not to mention," he continued, picking up steam now, "piss a lot of people off. You know what happens when you go prying into people's personal lives?" "Um, I figure out their motives and …

  • Death Wore High Heels

    Death Wore High Heels
    Larry Wagger

    The best chance was to uncover some past history of Ellen and her unknown killer. Besides checking the list for names I knew that had previous problems with Ellen, there were people at the party from all over the world who came to check on …

  • Alibi In High Heels

    Alibi In High Heels
    Gemma Halliday

    High Heels Mysteries book #4 Gemma Halliday. a stretchy black knit top, and a low black wedge heeled sandal. A wedge didn't really count as a heel, right? It was more of a platform. I ordered a pot of coffee and a brioche from room service  …

  • Deadly in High Heels

    Deadly in High Heels
    Gemma Halliday

    High Heels Mysteries book #9 Gemma Halliday … I know who the killer is. My eyes immediately bounced upward, scanning the dark wings. The girls were filing off the stage in groups. I noticed Whitney and Maxine were among the first.

  • Homicide in High Heels

    Homicide in High Heels
    Gemma Halliday

    High Heels Mysteries book #8 Gemma Halliday … No one would ever feel safe going into his tanning booths again, for fear the Tanning Salon Killer would strike again. It would ruin him. "Exactly," Ramirez agreed. "Which is why I can't just sit …

  • Honeymoon in High Heels

    Honeymoon in High Heels
    Gemma Halliday

    " – Fresh Fiction "A roller coaster ride full of fun and excitement!" – Romance Reviews Today "Gemma Halliday writes like a seasoned author leaving the reader hanging on to every word, every clue, every delicious scene of the book.

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