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India Cookbook New Book


    Aditya Bal

    A foodie’s delight, the recipes in this book, spanning meat, chicken, fish & seafood, and vegetarian dishes as well as an array of snacks and sweets are not only simple to try but alsopromise a complete and delectable feast celebrating …

  • Zero Oil Cook Book

    Zero Oil Cook Book
    Dr. Bimal Chajjer

  • The Tastes of India Recipes Cookbook

    The Tastes of India Recipes Cookbook
    Puja Darshan

    Gobhi aloo curry is a traditional Indian cauliflower and potato curry recipe. This recipe is made in many ways all over India. But the way I am going to prepare this recipe today is slightly different from others. It goes really well with plain rice.

  • The Everything Indian Cookbook

    The Everything Indian Cookbook
    Monica Bhide

    Featuring delicious recipes for: Appetizers, such as Paneer Tikka Breads, such Simple Naan Bread Salads, such as Spicy Papaya Salad Curry dishes, such as Goat Chicken Curry Seafood dishes, such as Shrimp Koliwada Special vegetarian fare, …

  • The Complete Asian Cookbook: India & Pakistan

    The Complete Asian Cookbook: India & Pakistan
    Charmaine Solomon

    Most Westerners,when asked whatfoodtheyassociate with the Indian subcontinent, will say 'curry', but not every spiced dish is a curry, and curry is not just one dish. It embraces a whole range of dishes, each distinctly different according to the …

  • My Indian Cookbook

    My Indian Cookbook
    Amandip Uppal

    Whether you’ve never had Indian food or want to make your favorite dishes at home, this is the perfect cookbook.

  • Raspberry Pi Cookbook

    Raspberry Pi Cookbook
    Simon Monk

    Set up and manage your Raspberry Pi Connect the Pi to a network Work with its Linux-based operating system Use the Pi’s ready-made software Program Raspberry Pi with Python Control hardware through the GPIO connector Use Raspberry Pi to …

  • Curry Cookbook - Afghan Cuisine - Jay Rai s Indian Kitchen

    Curry Cookbook – Afghan Cuisine – Jay Rai’s Indian Kitchen
    Jay Rai

    In this delightful ebook you will find that Afghan food is tasteful fusion of the regions that neighbor Afghanistan.

  • The Everything Indian Slow Cooker Cookbook

    The Everything Indian Slow Cooker Cookbook
    Prerna Singh

    ONE OF THE ANCIENT civilizations known to man, India is home to more than a billion people. Its people live in several regions, follow different religions, speak different languages, and to an extent dress differently, too. But all of this, when it …

  • The Essential Goa Cookbook

    The Essential Goa Cookbook
    Maria Teresa Menezes

    The spicy, succulent seafood of Goa is as famous as the golden beaches and lush landscape of this premier tourist destination of India.

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