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  • Autonomous Robots

    Autonomous Robots
    George A. Bekey

    In this book, George Bekey offers an introduction to the science and practice of autonomous robots that can be used both in the classroom and as a reference for industry professionals.

  • Waveguide Nonlinear-Optic Devices

    Waveguide Nonlinear-Optic Devices
    Toshiaki Suhara, Masatoshi Fujimura

    The most comprehensive book on waveguide nonlinear optic devices, this volume presents a systematic description of the NLO field, with an emphasis on devices that use ferroelectric waveguides.

  • The Blue and the Gray

    The Blue and the Gray
    Mary Etherington, Connie Tesene

    The authors of the best-selling Country Threads Goes to Charm School present a remarkable collection of designs inspired by the Civil War and ideal for reproduction fabrics.

  • Workshop Processes, Practices and Materials

    Workshop Processes, Practices and Materials
    Bruce J. Black

    With detailed illustrations throughout and simple, clear language, this is a practical introduction to what can be a very complex subject.

  • Automotive Mechatronics

    Automotive Mechatronics
    Konrad Reif

    Contents ​Basics of mechatronics.- Architecture.- Electronic control unit.- Software development.- Basic principles of networking.- Automotive networking.- Bus systems.- Automotive sensors.- Sensor measuring principles.- Sensor types.

  • Research In Psychology

    Research In Psychology
    C. James Goodwin

    The sixth edition provides psychologists with insight into the essential nature of experimental psychology and a solid grounding in its methods and practices.

  • Tungsten

    Erik Lassner, Wolf-Dieter Schubert

    This work provides a compendium on tungsten technology and science, using Wolf-Dieter Schubert's scientific career and Erik Lassner's long-term industrial and development knowledge as a basis.

  • Feminist Mysticism and Images of God

    Feminist Mysticism and Images of God
    Jennie S Knight

    However, most feminist theology is remarkably void of analysis of particular women's experiences of imaging God. In this book, Knight provides practical recommendations to help people transform images in the context of religious practices.

  • Chosen for Power

    Chosen for Power
    Kathleen Brooks

    Somebody is out to destroy Elle Simpson and everything she’s worked hard to build.

  • How to Write Art History

    How to Write Art History
    Anne D’Alleva

    "An invaluable handbook, How to Write Art History, will enable students to get the most from their art history course. Anne D'Alleva empowers readers to approach their coursework with confidence and energy." –Book Jacket.

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