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Gospels and Tradition Studies on Redaction Criticism of the Synoptic Gospels | Page 3 New Book

  • An Introduction to the New Testament, Volume 1

    An Introduction to the New Testament, Volume 1
    D. Edmond Hiebert

    trustworthiness of the Gospel tradition.”72 But … REDACTION CRITICISM The most recent self-conscious approach to synoptic studies is currently known as redaction criticism, althOugh some would prefer to call it “composition criticism.

  • To Each Its Own Meaning

    To Each Its Own Meaning
    Stephen R. Haynes, Steven L. McKenzie

    An Introduction to Biblical Criticisms and Their Application Stephen R. Haynes, Steven L. McKenzie … of the method of redaction criticism: "The method … is in principle applicable only to the Synoptic Gospels, including the Acts of the … Indeed, redaction criticism may be particularly valuable in connection with the study of such noncanonical works, helping … canonical Gospels and brings us back almost to the point at which redaction criticism began: the question of which traditions are …

  • An Introduction to the Bible

    An Introduction to the Bible
    Robert Kugler, Patrick Hartin

    Redaction criticism studies how the writers of the Gospels creatively used and molded this material they inherited. The name “redaction … They used the sources, the forms, and the oral traditions that had come down to them in composing their narratives. This was much more … The Synoptic Problem The three Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke are called the Synoptic Gospels. Synoptic comes from two …

  • A Theology of the New Testament

    A Theology of the New Testament
    George Eldon Ladd, Donald Alfred Hagner

    But however varied the results may be, redaction criticism does represent an important and salutary change of direction from form criticism, for it … and allows them to speak for themselves rather than being treated merely as a source for the discovery of earlier traditions, as fossils might be dug out of a quarry. … The term " redaction criticism" has been applied mainly to the study of the Synoptic Gospels.

  • The New Isaac

    The New Isaac
    Leroy Huizenga

    Even when the evangelist incorporates earlier traditions without significant modification, re-interpretation takes place by dint of the immediate … So it is important to consider the sweep of the whole gospel; the first redaction critics often misguidedly adopted an atomistic … (“Evangelist as Author: Reflections on Method in the Study and Interpretation of the Synoptic Gospels and Acts,” BR 17 [ 1972]: 9–10).

  • The Relationship Between John the Baptist and Jesus of Nazareth

    The Relationship Between John the Baptist and Jesus of Nazareth
    Daniel S. Dapaah

    A Critical Study Daniel S. Dapaah. 20. H. Riesenfeld, The Gospel Tradition trans E. M. Rowley and R. A. Kraft (Philadelphia: Fortress, 1970), pp. … Candid Questions Concerning Gospel Form Criticism: A Methodological Sketch of the Fundamental Problems of Form and Redaction Criticism trans. … This difficulty has been noted by earlier practitioners of form criticism, e.g., Bultmann, Synoptic Tradition, pp.

  • The Synoptic Problem

    The Synoptic Problem
    Stanley E. Porter, Bryan R. Dyer

    This volume provides that perspective. It sums up the state of the issue and provides a way forward for the future. I highly recommend it.

  • Christology and the Synoptic Problem

    Christology and the Synoptic Problem
    Peter M. Head

    This book makes a major contribution to the ongoing debate about the synoptic problem, especially concerning the question of which gospel was written first.

  • The Edited Bible

    The Edited Bible
    John Van Seters

    Wellhausen and the Rise of Redaction Criticism in New Testament Studies As I indicated in the introduction, redaction criticism (or, … closely related to source criticism, the investigation of the smaller primitive units of tradition that made up the works of individual authors. … Old Testament studies, has become linked with the activity of redactors or editors, particularly in the study of the Synoptic Gospels .

  • Synoptic Gospels

    Synoptic Gospels
    John K. Riches, William Telford, Christopher M. Tuckett

    In short, redaction criticism forces interpreters to take seriously the author and his text, a concern that was neglected in the classical studies of form and source criticism, where more attention was focused on the prehistory of the text and the historical … A significant implication of unmasking how early Christians treated the Jesus traditions is that we learn more about the genre of the Synoptic Gospels.

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