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  • Berkeley s Philosophy of Spirit

    Berkeley’s Philosophy of Spirit
    Talia Mae Bettcher

    Provides a new interpretation of Berkeley's conception of 'spirit' and its link with self-consciousness, as a way into his immaterialist metaphysics.

  • The Meaning of the Pentateuch

    The Meaning of the Pentateuch
    John H. Sailhamer

    Persuaded of the singular vision of the Pentateuch, Sailhamer searches out clues left by the author and the later editor of the Pentateuch that will disclose the meaning of this great work.

  • Geomechanics of Failures

    Geomechanics of Failures
    Alexander M. Puzrin, Eduardo E. Alonso, NĂºria M. Pinyol

    The book shows how much can be learned from relatively simple approaches. Despite this emphasis on simplicity, the book provides a deep insight into the cases analyzed.

  • Post Cinematic Affect

    Post Cinematic Affect
    Steven Shaviro

    The book traces these changes, focusing on four recent moving-image works: Nick Hooker's music video for Grace Jones' song Corporate Cannibal; Olivier Assayas' movie Boarding Gate, starring Asia Argento; Richard Kelly's movie Southland …

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