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Authentic Assessment in Action Studies of Schools and Students at Work 28Paperback 29 New Book

  • Authentic Assessment in Action

    Authentic Assessment in Action
    Linda Darling-Hammond, Jacqueline Ancess, Beverly Falk

    Authentic Assessment in Action: Studies of Schools and Students at Work examines, through case studies of elementary and secondary schools, how five schools have developed "authentic," performance-based assessments of students' learning, …

  • Action Research

    Action Research
    Craig A. Mertler

    This Fourth Edition adds coverage of high-interest topics, such as teacher empowerment and evaluation, Google Scholar, mixed-methods research designs, ethics, and more.

  • Solar Engineering of Thermal Processes

    Solar Engineering of Thermal Processes
    John A. Duffie, William A. Beckman

    The fourth edition of the acknowledged leading book on solar engineering, this volume presents the basics of solar energy, then goes on to cover the technologies used to harvest this solar energy, store it, and deliver it, including …

  • Building Leadership Capacity in Schools

    Building Leadership Capacity in Schools
    Linda Lambert

    In this book, Linda Lambert takes a close look at leadership in schools, which today involves far more than a single leader.

  • A Matter of Trust

    A Matter of Trust
    Anne E. Schraff

    The second novel in the Bluford Series.

  • The Wages of Impunity

    The Wages of Impunity
    K. G. Kannabiran

    Reiterating the indispensability of fundamental rights, the essays focus on aspects such as secularism, socialism, and the right to life, liberty, free speech and association.

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