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A Wine Atlas of the Langhe The Greatest Barolo and Barbaresco V New Book

  • Barolo and Barbaresco

    Barolo and Barbaresco
    Kerin O’Keefe

    In this groundbreaking new book, O’Keefe gives a comprehensive overview of the stunning side-by-side growing areas of these two world-class wines that are separated only by the city of Alba and profiles a number of the fiercely …

  • Wine For Dummies

    Wine For Dummies
    Ed McCarthy, Mary Ewing-Mulligan

    With new and revised content, this edition of the popular Wine For Dummies text takes you on a tour of emerging and old world wine regions, showcasing the varieties and styles you need to know to stay up to date on today's wine scene.

  • Vino Italiano

    Vino Italiano
    Joseph Bastianich, David Lynch

    But between these extremes lay a bounty of delicious, moderately priced wines that belong in every wine drinker’s repertoire. Vino Italiano is the only comprehensive and authoritative American guide to the wines of Italy.

  • Italian Wine For Dummies

    Italian Wine For Dummies
    Mary Ewing-Mulligan, Ed McCarthy

    Italian wine." —Piero Antinori, President, Antinori Wines "Bravo to Ed and Mary! This book shows their love for Italy, the Italian producers, and the great marriage of local foods with local wines.

  • The Geography of Wine

    The Geography of Wine
    Percy H. Dougherty

    This book, based on research presented to the Wine Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers, shows just how far the relationship has come since the time of Bacchus and Dionysus.

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