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  • Berkeley s Philosophy of Spirit

    Berkeley’s Philosophy of Spirit
    Talia Mae Bettcher

    Provides a new interpretation of Berkeley's conception of 'spirit' and its link with self-consciousness, as a way into his immaterialist metaphysics.

  • Wings of Nestor

    Wings of Nestor
    Devri Walls

    Or will it teach her a hard lesson about following her own destiny? The Solus Series: Book 1: Wings of Arian Book 2: Wings of Tavea Book 3: Wings of Nestor Book 4: Wings of Lomay

  • Geopolitics, Geography and Strategy

    Geopolitics, Geography and Strategy
    Colin S. Gray, Geoffrey Sloan

    Divided into theory and practice sections, this volume covers the big names such as Mackinder, Mahan and Haushofer, as well as looking back at the vital influence of weather and geography on naval power in the long age of sail (sixteenth to …

  • Somebody, Please Tell Me Who I Am

    Somebody, Please Tell Me Who I Am
    Harry Mazer, Peter Lerangis

    And as he triumphs, readers will relate to this timely novel that pairs the action and adventure of the best war stories with the emotional elements of struggle and transformation.

  • Consent in International Arbitration

    Consent in International Arbitration
    Andrea M. Steingruber

    Examining the notion, nature, and extent of consent in both commercial arbitration and investment arbitration, this book provides practitioners and academics with a thorough, case-related analysis of an issue which raises many questions.

  • The Twilight of Constitutionalism?

    The Twilight of Constitutionalism?
    Petra Dobner, Martin Loughlin

    The essays gathered in this collection explore the effects of recent changes on two of the main building blocks of constitutionalism, statehood and democracy.

  • As If

    As If
    Michael Saler

    From Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos and Tolkien's Middle-earth to the World of Warcraft and Second Life, As If provides a cultural history that reveals how we can remain enchanted but not deluded in an age where fantasy and reality increasingly …

  • Geomechanics of Failures

    Geomechanics of Failures
    Alexander M. Puzrin, Eduardo E. Alonso, Núria M. Pinyol

    The book shows how much can be learned from relatively simple approaches. Despite this emphasis on simplicity, the book provides a deep insight into the cases analyzed.

  • A Race Against Time

    A Race Against Time
    Carolyn Keene

    Nancy Drew wants her team to win the charity bicycle race, but when all the money that has been raised for the cause disappears before the race, she wants to find the thief even more.

  • Creating Optimism

    Creating Optimism
    Bob Murray, Alicia Fortinberry

    More important, in Creating Optimism, you’ll discover a revolutionary seven-step program for overcoming depression and anxiety that has proven far more effective than more traditional methods.

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