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  • GM Automatic Overdrive Transmission Builder s and Swapper s Guide

    GM Automatic Overdrive Transmission Builder’s and Swapper’s Guide
    Cliff Ruggles

    Vehicle maintenance.

  • How to Tune and Modify Engine Management Systems

    How to Tune and Modify Engine Management Systems
    Jeff Hartman

    Drawing on a wealth of knowledge and experience and a background of more than 1,000 magazine articles on the subject, engine control expert Jeff Hartman explains everything from the basics of engine management to the building of complicated …

  • Rochester Carburetors

    Rochester Carburetors
    Doug Roe

    Explains how a carburetor works, looks at past and present designs, and offers practical advice on installing or working on a carburetor

  • Casualties of Credit

    Casualties of Credit
    Carl Wennerlind

    With a circulating credit currency, a modern national debt, and sophisticated financial markets, England developed a fiscal-military state that instilled fear and facilitated the first industrial revolution.

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