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1994 gmc sonoma New Book

  • Popular Science

    Popular Science

    Automotive Newsf ront CMC GOES AERO WITH '94 SONOMA PORTRA IT OF A QUITTER Jbout six years ago, I … engine blocks, molten aluminum is forced into The 1994 GMC Sonoma that was previewed this spring is new down to its frame.

  • Ski


    Enter the all-new 1994 GMC Sonoma Highrider. You're in trouble again. [The new Highrider package is designed to handle the kind of trouble you'll find off- road. It comes with M6mm Bilstein gas-charged shocks and 15" wheels. You sit high.

  • Popular Mechanics

    Popular Mechanics

    1994. BUYERS. All the new full-size and compact pickups, vans and sport/utilities . BY CLIFF GROMER, Contributing … Information on the hottest of the new pickups — Dodge Ram, Ford Ranger Splash, Chevrolet S-Series/GMC Sonoma,  …

  • The Car Show

    The Car Show
    Nicolae Sfetcu

    Nissan Xterra (winner) Dodge Dakota Toyota Tundra 1994 Mercedes-Benz C- Class (winner) Dodge Ram (winner) 1989 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe ( winner) … Year Car Chevrolet S-10 GMC Sonoma Land Rover Defender 1994- 1999 …

  • Black Enterprise

    Black Enterprise

    The new version is expected to have more rounded exterior features and a bit more passenger space. For a preview, take a look at the also-new 1994 Chevy S- pickup truck or GMC Sonoma. With the largest standard engine in its class, the …

  • No More Than I Can Bear

    No More Than I Can Bear
    Natalie Thomas, Gaylynne Sword

    1994, the year he started working for the Magic. When a federal … Once again, a deal was made wherein Victor would provide protection and assistance in exchange for a 1994 GMC Sonoma at a greatly reduced price. 53 No More Than I Can …

  • Managing Carbon Monoxide Pollution in Meteorological and Topographical Problem Areas

    Managing Carbon Monoxide Pollution in Meteorological and Topographical Problem Areas
    Committee on Carbon Monoxide Episodes in Meteorological and Topographical Problem Areas, Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology, Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, Transportation Research Board, Division on Earth and Life Studies, National Research Council

    TABLE 3-3 Summary of FTP Emissions Results for the Test Fleet in the AFV Study Model Year Vehicle Fuel CO (g/mi) 1999 Honda Civic GX CNG 0.026 1995 GMC Sonoma PU CNG 0.977 1994 Dodge Caravan Minivan CNG 0.200 1994 …

  • How To Rebuild and Modify Your Manual Transmission

    How To Rebuild and Modify Your Manual Transmission
    Robert Bowen

  • The Fourth Dimension

    The Fourth Dimension
    Craig Hickman

    One enterprising young man, Roy Judd of Fort Worth, Texas, won a 1995 cherry- red GMC Sonoma pickup truck on September 25, 1994, by keeping his lips pressed against the side of the vehicle for 52 hours. Judd kissed his way to victory …

  • Popular Mechanics

    Popular Mechanics

    The Chevy S-10, originally a 1982 model, didn't change much until 1994. That year … So those were some of the attributes the 1994 S-10 took on. (Though we only … owners, the GMC Sonoma shares the S-10's DNA and all of its attributes.

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