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  • The Cars of American Motors

    The Cars of American Motors
    Marc Cranswick

    The 196-powered Ramblers outsold the V8 Rebels handsomely, and the Cross Country wagon established itself as the most … In such times there was just one thing to do: resculpt the tailfins for 1960! … The factory service manual recommended In belt-tightening times AMC made 404,446 cars in model year 14 The Cars of …

  • Hurst Equipped

    Hurst Equipped
    Mark Fletcher, Richard Truesdell

    Hurst Equippedcaptures the complete story from the production cars and race cars to the performance parts.

  • American Cars, 1973-1980

    American Cars, 1973-1980
    J. Kelly Flory, Jr.

    This exhaustive reference work details every model from each of the major American manufacturers from model years 1973 through 1980, including various "captive imports" (e.g.

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