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  • The Cars of American Motors

    The Cars of American Motors
    Marc Cranswick

    The 196-powered Ramblers outsold the V8 Rebels handsomely, and the Cross Country wagon established itself as the most … In such times there was just one thing to do: resculpt the tailfins for 1960! … The factory service manual recommended In belt-tightening times AMC made 404,446 cars in model year 14 The Cars of …

  • American Independent Automakers

    American ‘Independent’ Automakers
    Norm Mort

    This is their story told through text and the use of contemporary brochures, period literature, factory photos, road test info and over 90 new, unpublished color photos of restored examples to relate the importance of these historic …

  • American Cars, 1973-1980

    American Cars, 1973-1980
    J. Kelly Flory, Jr.

    This exhaustive reference work details every model from each of the major American manufacturers from model years 1973 through 1980, including various "captive imports" (e.g.

  • Hurst Equipped

    Hurst Equipped
    Mark Fletcher, Richard Truesdell

    Hurst Equippedcaptures the complete story from the production cars and race cars to the performance parts.

  • American Car Spotter s Bible 1940-1980

    American Car Spotter’s Bible 1940-1980
    Tad Burness

    A guide for identifying cars manufactured between 1940 and 1980 by their physical appearance or special features.

  • Motion Performance: Tales of a Muscle Car Builder

    Motion Performance: Tales of a Muscle Car Builder
    Martyn L. Schorr

  • Crosley

    David Stern, Rusty McClure, Michael A. Banks

    Traces the dramatic lives of two Industrial Age brothers who rose from humble origins to become wealthy and famous inventors, citing their pivotal roles in the developments of mainstream innovations, their shared ownership of the Cincinnati …

  • Ford Parts Interchange Manual, 1959-1970

    Ford Parts Interchange Manual, 1959-1970
    Paul A. Herd

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