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101 contrarian Ideas About Advertising New Book

  • What Happened To Advertising? What Would Gossage Do?

    What Happened To Advertising? What Would Gossage Do?
    Massimo Moruzzi

    For what it's worth, I disagree with both the reasoning of advertising … His 101 Contrarian Ideas About Advertising is a mustread. ↵ 9. Please take a look at this case study put together by Emily Kamischke, a Master's student at Elon University .

  • The Power of Others

    The Power of Others
    Michael Bond

    We are beholden to our peers, even when we think we’re calling the shots. This is the power of others.

  • Think More Analogue, Be More Digital _ Second Edition

    Think More Analogue, Be More Digital _ Second Edition
    James Harris

    Mr. Hoffman, an advertising professional by trade, also wrote a book called 101 Contrarian Ideas About Advertising. In this book, Mr. Hoffman suggests that there is nothing more gullible than a marketing person chasing the latest trend, and I …

  • Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This

    Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This
    Luke Sullivan, Sam Bennett, Edward Boches

    Part how-to and part exposé, Hey Whipple, Squeeze This! is an insider's guide to coming up with great ideas as well as an unapologetic send-up of all that's heavy-handed, dim-witted, and ineffectual in the industry.

  • Work for Money, Design for Love

    Work for Money, Design for Love
    David Airey

    … recommended reads and resources brief because the preceding chapters should have given you plenty of ideas on how … (HOW Books, 2008) 101 Contrarian Ideas About Advertising, by Bob Hoffman (Hoffman/Lews, 2012) Aesop's Fables, …

  • Zero to One

    Zero to One
    Peter Thiel, Blake Masters

    In Zero to One, legendary entrepreneur and investor Peter Thiel shows how we can find singular ways to create those new things.

  • Unconventional Success

    Unconventional Success
    David F. Swensen

    In Unconventional Success, investment legend David F. Swensen offers incontrovertible evidence that the for-profit mutual-fund industry consistently fails the average investor.

  • Where Good Ideas Come From

    Where Good Ideas Come From
    Steven Johnson

    Where do good ideas come from? And what do we need to know and do to have more of them? In Where Good Ideas Come From, Steven Johnson, one of our most innovative popular thinkers, explores the secrets of inspiration.

  • Chaos Monkeys

    Chaos Monkeys
    Antonio Garcia Martinez

    Written by startup CEO and industry provocateur Antonio García Martínez, this is Liar’s Poker meets The Social Network. Computer engineers use ‘chaos monkey’ software to wreak havoc and test system robustness.

  • Horizontes midiáticos: aspectos da comunicação na era digital

    Horizontes midiáticos: aspectos da comunicação na era digital
    Alessandra De Mauro Furtado, Alexandre Moitinho, Bruna Lima Cantero, Dan Ricca, Davi Nascimento Paiva Da Silva, Gabriela Nunes, Janaína Azevedo Cavalcanti, José Carlos Júnior, José Vítor Siqueira Bazuchi, Lucimara Souza, Maria Edilene Mendonça Da Silva, Mércia Fantinelli Pio De Carvalho, Milena Monforte Rocha, Nayara Florêncio Garbelotti, Raphaela Marcela Ferreira, Vitor Pontes, Viviane Silva, Zé Renato Rodrigues, Victor Aquino

    Hollywood na cultura brasileira. São Paulo, Convívio, 1970. FELTON, George. Advertising: concept and copy. New York, W. W. Norton, 2013, 3rd ed. HOFFMAN , Bob. 101 contrarian ideas about advertising. New York, Hoffman & Lewis, 2012.

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