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The Intangibles of Leadership

Number of page: 256
Author: Richard A. Davis
Publisher: John Wiley and Sons
ISBN: 0470680865
Category: Business & Economics

It’s the Subtleties that Matter! What is the real difference between competent leader and extraordinary executive
Is it pedigree, experience, intelligence
The answer is yes and much more. Exceptional leadership hinges on a complex interaction between individual psychology and unique business needs. At the top rung of the ladder, where the dynamics are most complicated, subtle adjustments in style can produce outstanding results. In his new book, The Intangibles of Leadership, Management Psychologist Richard Davis, Ph.D., uncovers patterns in the attributes that truly distinguish those who succeed at the top. What he found was that extraordinary leaders possess certain characteristics that fall between the lines of existing leadership models, yet are fundamental to executive success. Davis explains each of these qualities, the people who exemplify them, how to detect them in others, and most importantly, how to develop the subtle characteristics that will enable them to stand out from the pack. Learn why
It’s often better to aim for silver than for gold Playing hard to get attracts people to you It’s important to have a slightly inflated view of your abilities Your peripheral vision is so important It’s ok to get angry with your team So many extraordinary executives have gone through crises early in their lives

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About The Author

RICHARD A. DAVIS, Ph.D., is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist and partner at the Toronto office of RHR International. Dr. Davis is called upon by senior leaders to help execute their business strategy through smart decisions about people. He advises executives on senior hiring decisions, integrating leaders into new roles, CEO succession, optimizing teams, M&A decisions and increasing leadership effectiveness. He has a particular specialty in personality psychology and leadership.

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