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Number of page: 92
Author: Nikola Tesla
Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.
ISBN: 9781602060579
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Serbian inventor NIKOLA TESLA (1857-1943) was a revolutionary scientist who forever changed the scientific fields of electricity and magnetism. Tesla’s greatest invention, A/C current, powers almost all of the technological wonders in the world today, from home heating to computers to high-tech robotics. His discoveries gave mankind the television. And his dream of wireless communication came to pass in both the radio and eventually the cell phone. Yet his story remains widely unknown. History buffs, science enthusiasts, backyard inventors, and anyone who has ever dared to dream big will find the life of Nikola Tesla, written in his own words, engaging, informative, and humorous in its eccentricity.

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  • Chance SundquistChance Sundquist
    Only a piece It gives a good insight into his thought process as opposed to strict theory that can be found in his publications and articles. I enjoyed it very much.
  • Joaquin CasaubonJoaquin Casaubon
    Awesome Short read but lots of info!
  • Derrick E LivelyDerrick E Lively
    Lots of insight into Tesla himself and his inventions.
  • Rita RubinsteinRita Rubinstein
    My inventions, the autobiography of Nikola Tesla Excellent read. Inspiring. Just now realize his genius.
  • Miles PickensMiles Pickens
    This book explains in detail how Nikola Tesla was a much harder worker than you are.
  • Wesley LovelessWesley Loveless
    Gloversville, New York 12078 Thank you !!
  • David FaultersackDavid Faultersack
    Graphics format, almost unreadable – no flowing text As noted
  • Rob ClopeinRob Clopein
    Great book Great lessons to be learned
  • Mary WheatleyMary Wheatley
    My inventions Slow going, does not flow

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