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Read The Gospel to the Romans [electronic resource]

The Gospel to the Romans [electronic resource]

Number of page: 426
Author: rian J. Incigneri
Publisher: BRILL
Category: Religion

This book proposes that Mark’s Gospel was written in Rome in late 71 after the return of the feared Titus who had recently destroyed the Jerusalem Temple. Recognising that the use of emotional appeals was a prime contemporary rhetorical tool, it shows the Gospel to be an emotionally-charged text aimed at readers traumatised by years of persecution, fear of arrest and intra-community tensions over the forgiveness of those who had failed. It examines the political, social and religious situation and shows that the Gospel contains allusions to many recent events of concern to Christians. Mark stirs their fears and painful memories to move them to a new resolve, providing a model for them – Jesus, the first martyr for the gospel.

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About The Author

Brian Incigneri, Ph.D., lives in Melbourne, Australia, and has a background in computers. After teaching many church groups, he researched his doctorate on the setting of Mark's Gospel at Australian Catholic University from 1998-2001. This is his first book.

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