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Cynic Sage or Son of God?

Number of page: 416
Author: Gregory A. Boyd
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
Category: Religion

Not since David Strauss' Life of Jesus shook European Christianity to its foundations in the nineteenth century has any scholarly discussion of the historical Jesus made the impact on a popular level that the Jesus Seminar is presently making in America. Popular magazines have provided a remarkable amount of space for the Jesus Seminar, including Time and Newsweek which made their work cover stories. At the forefront of the movement lies the work of John Dominic Crossan and Burton L. Mack, who have popularized the "Jesus as Cynic sage" view. The growing popularity of this new paradigm should be of significant concern for all who hold to the historic Christian faith.
To date, however, no thorough evangelical response has been provided to these revisionist views of the historical Jesus. This book is written to fill this void. It provides a serious critique of the Cynic thesis, accessible to laypeople and of interest to thoughtful observers. With interest in the "quest for the historical Jesus" continuing anew, Boyd's Cynic Sage or Son of God
provides an orthodox defense of the biblical Jesus.

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About The Author

Gregory A. Boyd (Yale University Divinity School; PhD, Princeton Theological Seminary) is the Senior Pastor of Woodland Hills Church in Maplewood, Minnesota and President of Christus Victor Ministries (ÊÊHe has authored and co-authored twenty books, including The Myth of a Christian Nation and The Jesus Legend (with Paul Eddy).ÊÊ

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